Harissa Rice and Fava Salad with Artichokes and Olives

A super simple healthy rice and bean salad makes a perfect vegan protein! My Harissa Rice and Fava Salad with Artichokes and Olives is not only delicious but packed with protein rich fava beans, cleansing artichokes, mineral rich spinach and heart healthy olives! These nutritious superfoods are combined authentic saffron scented basmati rice, sweet grape tomatoes and a […]

Healthy Holiday Cooking Starts Here!

Healthy holiday cooking is a snap when you keep it simple, wholesome and natural! Protein, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates flavor enhanced with good fats and aromatic herbs and spices is all that is required to make a delicious feast for the holidays and everyday, without the worry of over indulgence,weight gain, blood pressure and blood sugar spikes and digestive […]

Gnocchi Salad with wilted Kale and Leeks

Gnocchi, the humble potato dumpling takes on new salad life when texturized with wilted greens and crunchy raw vegetables; dressed with sherry vinegar, olive oil and Tuscan spices; zapped with Mediterranean artichokes and kalamata olives then garnished with slices of healthy avocado! My Gnocchi Salad with wilted Kale and Leeks is outstanding with a simple […]

Minted Pasta Salad with Fava and Peas

 Plenty of mint, dill and lemon give this wonderful summer salad a bright, fresh taste; while fava beans, artichokes, arugula and pasta make this salad a complete protein, full of flavor and as always long on nutrition! Enjoy my Minted Pasta Salad with Fava and Peas as a stand alone meal or a superb side dish for […]

Asian Napa Slaw with Green Beans, Wakame, Cucumber and Kale

Ok so we all know how good seaweed is for optimal health and longevity; a   superfood that should be included in the health conscious diet! Seaweed is an immune system modulator, and an endocrine system regulator which means consumption of this mineral laden superfood concludes improved health, more energy, weight management and overall well being! Try my Asian […]

Black Bean, Cashew and Pea Pod Salad

      This is a fun summer salad full of nutritious black beans, healthy cashews and organic vegetables! A great stand alone salad and a perfect accompaniment to any grilled entrée! My Black Bean, Cashew and Pea Pod Salad is a keeper! I make my black beans from scratch but feel free to used a canned variety to save […]

Carole “Bring the Salad”

Carole’s Salad They always ask me to “bring the salad”!! No wonder when it it filled with everything good, delicious and nutritious!! Enjoy with your favorite grill this 4th of July!! This yummy salad goes is a perfect party pleaser filled with crisp, organic, healthy vegetables! A compliment to any pot luck , party or […]

Dijon Potato Salad with Green Beans & Arugula

Yet another fantastic summer potato salad filled with yummy peppery greens and organic veggies. My Dijon Potato Salad with Green Beans & Arugula is lightly drenched with a Dijon lemon aioli and garnished with organic snap peas and pea shoots. Light and refreshing and just perfect with grilled fish or chicken! Enjoy!!   2 lbs […]

Quinoa Lentil Salad with Zaatar

  Quinoa called the “grain from antiquity” and the primary food of the ancient Incas of South America is really not a grain at all! Quinoa is a seed related to the beet and spinach family; and it is probably the most nutritious pseudo cereal one could consume! Quinoa is high in fiber, iron and […]

Salmon and Crab Macaroni Salad

So what do you do when you have a piece of leftover salmon and a bit of leftover spring vegetable stir fry? Not enough for a meal on it’s own but as a recreated dish it’s just perfect when combined with pantry staples, fresh herbs and vegetables! My Salmon and Crab Macaroni Salad is my […]

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