Turkey Tortellini Soup

                                                   Turkey Tortellini Soup. So this is my version of leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup! There is really no real recipe to follow to make my Turkey Tortellini Soup. Just start out […]

Cassoulet with Sausage and Yams

                              Cassoulet with Sausage and Yams. It’s really getting cold UP here! So we need stick to the ribs food to keep us warm and cozy! My Cassoulet with Sausage and Yams is just the ticket with traditional French Tarbais beans, […]

Vindaloo Vegetable Curry with Maitake

                           Vindaloo Vegetable Curry with Maitake. My Vindaloo Vegetable Curry with Maitake is a simple curried dish that takes minutes to make; yet is just full of nutritional value. Made all in one pot with organic vegetables and greens in season, seasoned with […]

Vegetable Chicken or Turkey Pozole

                              Vegetable Chicken or Turkey Pozole. So, I actually used a combination of leftover roasted turkey and chicken in this pozole dish, along with the plentitude of organic vegetables being harvested right now! My Vegetable Chicken or Turkey Pozole is filled […]

Mediterranean Harvest Vegetable Stew

                            Mediterranean Harvest Vegetable Stew. We are moving into the season of Autumn, but there are so many late Summer crops being harvested now; they beg to be made into soups, stews, casseroles and more… My Mediterranean Harvest Vegetable Stew is a […]

Lemony Vegetable Quinoa Soup

                                  Lemony Vegetable Quinoa Soup. My Lemony Vegetable Quinoa Soup is a simply nutritious and delicious soup using late summer organic vegetables and greens! Quinoa is actually a seed, although used as a grain; it is protein rich, full […]

Pasta Orecchiette Fagioli with Turkey Meatballs

                  Pasta Orecchiette Fagioli with Turkey Meatballs. I picked up a bag of Rancho Gordo’s Papa De Rola Beans; a rare heirloom variety with a delicate creamy interior, just perfect for my Pasta Orecchiette Fagioli with Turkey Meatballs! I soaked the beans overnight; rinsed and prepared them […]

Cranberry Beans and Kale

                                         Cranberry Beans and Kale. A simple pot of beans starring healthy organic kale enhanced with aromatic organic vegetables and herbs to make a rich broth; my Cranberry Beans and Kale can be enjoyed as a […]

Mediterranean Black Eyed Peas

                                     Mediterranean Black Eyed Peas. My Mediterranean Black Eyed Peas recipe is actually inspired by a similar recipe posted in the Mediterranean Dish. Here, I have made quite a few additions and changes to the recipe! My Mediterranean […]

Borscht with Mushrooms Cabbage and Gnocchi

                             Borscht with Mushrooms Cabbage and Gnocchi. To honor the Ukrainian People and their fortitude, I created this simple to prepare beet laden borscht. My Borscht with Mushrooms, Cabbage and Gnocchi is a delicious and nutritious winter soup that comforts, heals and […]