carole cooper
carole cooper
carole cooper still cooking after all these years

I have been creating and cooking food my entire life with the dream that I would, at some point write a cookbook! Not just any cookbook but one that was simple to understand with simple healthy recipes that were not intimidating or complicated! Yes easy to prepare food that didn’t exhaust the cook and makes the consumer, the dinner guest very happy and satisfied! After all that is what cooking and eating is all about, a satisfied cook and a satisfied guest! The years spent in our deli at Seacoast Natural Foods in San Diego, California afforded me the opportunity to test and try out many different food creations with a built in and dedicated cliental that candidly critiqued the special of the day! The feedback from clients, friends and family that ate and continue to eat my food preparations has encouraged me to finally after all these years write down the recipes and share them with the world! Now located and renting  our cottage on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, our inland sea, I continue to test and try new food creations on friends, family and guests and look forward to sharing these new creations in this blog that’s all about good, healthy, gourmet food recipes that are easy to prepare! I also look forward to compiling many more Simply Natural Gourmet Cookbooks, each with a special theme, in the years to come! Don’t forget, ENJOY!! –Carole Cooper

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