Tofu Salad

                                                      Tofu Salad   Tofu Salad a la Seacoast I cannot even try to guess how many pounds of this delicious, nutritious salad our Seacoast Deli sold over the […]

Italian Lentil Mushroom Soup

                                            Italian Lentil Mushroom Soup.                                     Lentils and Mushrooms Just go together! My Italian Lentil Mushroom Soups […]

Crustless Indian Curry Chicken Pot Pie

                         Crustless Indian Curry Chicken Pot Pie. So, I made this crustless chicken pot pie with organic onions, yams and all my leftovers! I happened to have steamed organic broccoli and asparagus and some roasted free range chicken breast on hand, so that is […]

Lamb Chops with Korma Sauce and Vegetables

                   Lamb Chops with Korma Sauce and Vegetables. My Lamb Chops with Korma Sauce and Vegetables is so simple and quick to prepare using Frontier’s Simply Organic Korma simmer sauce, a lamb marinade of traditional Middle Eastern spices, organic vegetables and mushrooms and organic baby spinach. A […]

Spanish Seafood Stew

                                                        Spanish Seafood Stew. In both the Spanish and the Portuguese traditions, we find seafood stews made with sausage and seafood in a rich tomato broth. My rendition […]

Tomato Pork Stew with Fennel and Shiitake

                                  Tomato Pork Stew with Fennel and Shiitake. Inspired by a traditional Greek pork stew usually eaten as an appetizer , my Tomato Pork Stew with Fennel and Shiitake is a hearty gut warming, nutritious rendition with added organic […]

Classic Vegetable Quiche

                                                   Classic Vegetable Quiche. When we had our Deli in our Natural food Store a long, long time ago, we used to make our Classic Vegetable Quiche and a turkey vegetable […]

Eggplant Cheese Casserole

                                               Eggplant Cheese Casserole. Eggplant is such a versatile vegetable and it’s “meaty” texture lends itself to scrumptious  layered casseroles  baked with savory spices, creamy cheeses and pantry favorites! For my Eggplant Cheese […]

Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie

                                               Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie. The winter months are all about turning inward, meditation and comfort food!!! I love shepherd’s pie and usually make it with turkey; but I decided to make this one […]

Turkey Tortellini Soup

                                                   Turkey Tortellini Soup. So this is my version of leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup! There is really no real recipe to follow to make my Turkey Tortellini Soup. Just start out […]