Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad

Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad

Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad

Pea,Pickle,Potato SaladMy Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad is a sublime addition to the summer holiday fare! Perfect with any grilled meat and a great stand alone vegan salad! Organic Yukon gold potatoes and fresh peas in the pod combined with tart dill pickles, fresh chives and all dressed up with a mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard combination make this a salad to prepare time and again throughout the summer! My Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad will become the potluck favorite, the perfect picnic salad, your all round recipe winner! Enjoy My Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad with brats, burgers, grilled chicken, grilled meat or all on its own! Just delicious!!

1 Lb golden potatoes,cut up, boiled and drained

1 large bunch fresh chives, chopped

1/2 pint whole pea pods

6 red baby bell peppers, sliced

6 dill pickles, cut up

Pickled onion slices, from pickle jar

1 teaspoon chophouse seasoning,Frontier

1 teaspoon salad herbs, Frontier

1/2 teaspoon veggie pepper, Frontier

Dash of Banana vinegar, Rancho Gordo

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup spicy horseradish mustard

2 hard boiled eggs, quartered for garnish

4 baby gherkins , for garnish

4 whole pea pods, for garnish

Dash of smoked paprika, for garnish

In a large mixing bowl, combine first nine ingredients

Splash with banana vinegar and mix

In a small bowl combine yogurt, mayo, and mustard

Add dressing to potato combination, mix gently

Transfer dressed salad to a serving dish

Garnish with egg, gherkins,whole pea pods,and smoked paprika

Enjoy My Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad with the grilled entrée of your choice

Just delicious!! Enjoy this recipe and many more, buy my Simply Natural Gourmet Cookbook

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