Golden Buckwheat Pilaf

Golden Buckwheat Pilaf My Golden Buckwheat Pilaf is a super delicious and nutritious combination of healthy kasha(roasted buckwheat), immune system boosting shiitake mushrooms and organic vegetables and herbs! My Golden Buckwheat Pilaf is a perfect side dish, salad or stand alone vegan entrée! Serve My Golden Buckwheat Pilaf with lamb steaks, baked chicken or grilled sausage; pile this pilaf […]

Quinoa Lentil Salad with Zaatar

  Quinoa called the “grain from antiquity” and the primary food of the ancient Incas of South America is really not a grain at all! Quinoa is a seed related to the beet and spinach family; and it is probably the most nutritious pseudo cereal one could consume! Quinoa is high in fiber, iron and […]