Golden Potato Roast

Golden Potato Roast My Golden Potato Roast is my riff on Martha’s classic holiday potato dish called Crispy Potato Bake! I added thyme, rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and lots of organic butter to make this the centerpiece of our holiday meal. What a hit! The addition of thyme, rosemary and additional chopped onions along […]

Gnarly Celery Soup

Gnarly Celery Soup Gnarly Celery Soup!  Organic celery is gnarly looking but  so delicious and nutritious!! Celery reduces blood pressure, relieves arthritis and calms the nerves!! My Gnarly Celery Soup is a great solution! Let’s make a soup of that gnarly celery with yummy Middle Eastern spices to warm your tummy and take the edge off […]

Golden Buckwheat Pilaf

Golden Buckwheat Pilaf My Golden Buckwheat Pilaf is a super delicious and nutritious combination of healthy kasha(roasted buckwheat), immune system boosting shiitake mushrooms and organic vegetables and herbs! My Golden Buckwheat Pilaf is a perfect side dish, salad or stand alone vegan entrée! Serve My Golden Buckwheat Pilaf with lamb steaks, baked chicken or grilled sausage; pile this pilaf […]

Chicken Cacciatore with Olives and Porcini

Chicken Cacciatore with Olives and Porcini The late summer abundance of healthy organic vegetables such as squash, tomatoes and peppers just scream to join together with flavorful organic herbs like basil and oregano, and spices from around the world like Aleppo pepper, capers and saffron! My Chicken Cacciatore with Olives and Porcini takes this classic Italian entrée to […]

Sicilian Summer Vegetable Stew

Sicilian Summer Vegetable Stew It’s summer and organic home grown heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, parsley and basil, chard and kale are abundant! Even though it is quite warm this summer, my Sicilian Summer Vegetable Stew is a perfectly light supper filled with nutritious organic vegetables, flavored with organic aromatic basil and parsley! My Sicilian Summer Vegetable Stew can be complimented […]

Blistered Beans and Artichokes

Blistered Beans and Artichokes My medley of Blistered Beans and Artichokes is a versatile dish; serve it as a yummy side dish to just about any grilled meat or fish entrée! My Blistered Beans and Artichokes is a perfect room temperature salad. High in protein, and filled with nutritious organic vegetables, Blistered Beans and Artichokes is brightened with […]

Zaatar Sweet Potato Rice Salad

Zaatar Sweet Potato Rice Salad with fava, artichokes and spinach My Zaatar Sweet Potato Rice Salad is a yummy combination of jasmine rice, sweet potato, fava beans, artichokes and spinach, then dressed in a middle eastern zaatar lemon vinaigrette, spiced with Bulgarian pepper sauce, warmed with Aleppo pepper flakes and garnished with pickled onion slices! I served My Zaatar […]

Curried Potato Salad with Spinach and Mint

Curried Potato Salad with Spinach and Mint Oh Potato Salad! How do I make thee? Let me count the ways….. My Curried Potato Salad with Spinach and Mint is another unique potato salad and a great addition to any grilled fare, especially my tandoori chicken! My Curried Potato Salad with Spinach and Mint is filled with healthy organic […]

Lamb Sausage StirFry

Lamb Sausage StirFry We are so fortunate to live in the community of Marquette, Michigan where farm to table is the “way of life”; buying food from cooperative farms is the “norm” and food bought from vendors and delis is clean, unadulterated, wholesome and just plain “good for you”! My Lamb Sausage StirFry combines foods purchased from all […]

Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad

Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad My Pea,Pickle,Potato Salad is a sublime addition to the summer holiday fare! Perfect with any grilled meat and a great stand alone vegan salad! Organic Yukon gold potatoes and fresh peas in the pod combined with tart dill pickles, fresh chives and all dressed up with a mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard combination make this a salad to prepare […]

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