Eggplant Lasagna

                                            Eggplant Lasagna. My Eggplant Lasagna screams comfort food! This luscious noodle and vegetable casserole is perfect to serve on these northern cold and, yes, snowy days! My Eggplant Lasagna is simply layered with […]

Eggplant Cheese Casserole

                                               Eggplant Cheese Casserole. Eggplant is such a versatile vegetable and it’s “meaty” texture lends itself to scrumptious  layered casseroles  baked with savory spices, creamy cheeses and pantry favorites! For my Eggplant Cheese […]

Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie

                                               Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie. The winter months are all about turning inward, meditation and comfort food!!! I love shepherd’s pie and usually make it with turkey; but I decided to make this one […]

Eggplant Potato Casserole with Cabbage

                                Eggplant Potato Casserole with Cabbage. My Eggplant Potato Casserole with Cabbage is a simple to assemble casserole that is a perfect vegetarian dish for the upcoming holidays! The nutritious organic vegetables are layered between four different cheeses and seasoned […]

Rapini Sausage Soup

                                                     Rapini Sausage Soup. It’s soup season up north; and there’s just nothing like a steaming bowl of soup to take the chill out of your bones when it’s mid-winter […]

Chickpea Bucatini with Broccolini and Butternut

Chickpea Bucatini with Broccolini and Butternut It just doesn’t get any better than my Chickpea Bucatini with Broccolini and Butternut entrée with organic chickpeas for protein; organic butternut squash for fiber and beta carotene; healthy organic broccolini for vitamins, minerals and cellular protection; organic pasta for needed carbohydrates! This is a delicious, vegetarian dish just […]

Heirloom Bean Chili with Winter Squash and Collards

It’s still all about comfort food here in the North! Dreams of warmer days to come are realized with a bit of south of the border are in this warming chili recipe, spiked with Mexican chili peppers! Heirloom beans, heritage beef and the addition of winter squash and greens make my chili super nutritious! First make the beans: […]