Gnocchi Salad with wilted Kale and Leeks

Gnocchi, the humble potato dumpling takes on new salad life when texturized with wilted greens and crunchy raw vegetables; dressed with sherry vinegar, olive oil and Tuscan spices; zapped with Mediterranean artichokes and kalamata olives then garnished with slices of healthy avocado! My Gnocchi Salad with wilted Kale and Leeks is outstanding with a simple […]

Gnocchi and Bean Casserole

Gnocchi and Bean Casserole What a simple and nutritious pasta dish just full of mixed greens, roasted corn, heirloom beans and the classic Italian potato dumpling seasoned with aromatic spices and topped with creamy and piquant Manchego cheese! This is a super flavorful dish combining carbohydrates and wholesome legumes to make a perfect vegetarian protein! […]

Gnocchi Artichoke and Pea Salad

Gnocchi Artichoke and Pea Salad Yummy potato dumplings combined with artichoke hearts and peas and dressed with mediterranean spices, feta cheese and greek olives with healthy extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar! This is a salad, a main entrée, pasta dish or a flavorful and simple side dish! however you choose to serve it, […]