Lamb Chop Korma in Tagine

                                               Lamb Chop Korma in Tagine. So I pulled out my tagging pan to prepare some small lamb chops for Valentine’s Day; then I discovered that I had a package of Frontier’s organic […]

Cross Cultural Baked Chicken

                                            Cross Cultural Baked Chicken. So I couldn’t decide whether to make the traditional Italian Chicken Rosemary or the pungent Chicken Tagine from Morocco; what to do? My Cross Cultural Baked Chicken is a […]

Rapini Sausage Soup

                                                     Rapini Sausage Soup. It’s soup season up north; and there’s just nothing like a steaming bowl of soup to take the chill out of your bones when it’s mid-winter […]

The Salted Turkey

The Salted Turkey Everyone has their most perfect recipe for the holiday turkey and I have prepared this bird in a number of ways until I discovered the dry salt rub which in my opinion creates the most succulent meat encased in the brownest skin! Make sure you buy a farm raised turkey that has […]

Moroccan Spiced Turkey

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Free range heritage turkeys are a fabulous source of healthy lean protein, so when the turkeys are abundantly available in the Fall, I always by several to freeze and enjoy throughout the year! Make your Thanksgiving uniquely special with one of these birds, exotically seasoned with the North African spices of Morocco! Serve my Moroccan Spiced […]

Roasted Pumpkin Shallot Risotto with Sage

                             Roasted Pumpkin Shallot Risotto with Sage.  My Roasted Pumpkin Shallot Risotto with Sage is an autumnal comfort showpiece that is super simple to prepare, delicious and nutritious; a vegetarian main or accompaniment to fish, poultry or protein of choice! Serve my […]

Potato Leek Galette with Organic Greens

                                  Potato Leek Galette with Organic Greens. I love puff pastry encased in savory nutritious vegetables to create a delicious galette! This time I have combined lots of organic leeks, in season right now, golden potatoes and healthy organic […]

Chunky Vegetable Chicken Pozole

                                       Chunky Vegetable Chicken Pozole This is a real simple way to prepare delicious Pozole made with prepared broths, savory spices, tomatillos and lots of organic vegetables and chicken. The star of my Chunky Vegetable Chicken Pozole […]

Eggplant Chili with Fava and Merguez

                                   Eggplant Chili with Fava and Merguez My Eggplant Chili with Fava and Merguez is a vegetable forward chili that stars the cornucopia of organic late summer vegetables that are so available this time of year! I spice up […]

Bucatini with Artichokes and Sardines

                      Bucatini with Artichokes and Sardines This is how my Bucatini with Artichokes and Sardines was created yesterday! I was having a FaceTime visit with my daughter in Brazil who was lucky enough to get her hands on some fresh sardines. She asked me for […]