Simple Turkey Roast

                                           Simple Turkey Roast. The weather is changing in the North; soon leaves will be falling and autumn will arrive! The taste of roasted turkey welcomes this time of year! I was fortunate to find […]

Lamb Chop Korma in Tagine

                                               Lamb Chop Korma in Tagine. So I pulled out my tagging pan to prepare some small lamb chops for Valentine’s Day; then I discovered that I had a package of Frontier’s organic […]

Lemon Saffron Turkey Breast

                        Lemon Saffron Turkey Breast. My Lemon Saffron Turkey Breast with baby potatoes and onions is very simple to prepare, yet is an impressive entrée perfect for any special occasion! The complex flavor of saffron bathed in lemon juice coupled with herbes de Provence […]

Beef and Onion Soup

More than onion soup, my Beef and Onion Soup is just loaded with nutritious organic alliums, medicinal mushrooms and organic vegetables in a free range beef bone broth; this soup is medicinal food for a very cold and wet winter! I have mentioned before that I am a member of our local CSA Farm, Seeds […]

Savory Onion Artichoke Galette

            Savory Onion Artichoke Galette Eating lots of alliums during the the winter cold and flu season to chase away ills is not just an old wives tale. There really is a science behind the truth that onions clear congestion, and relieves allergies and respiratory inflammations of all kinds. Onion(allium […]