Mushroom Zucchini Tart

Mushroom Zucchini Tart Incorporating medicinal mushrooms such as Maitake, shiitake, enoki, trumpet, oyster and more is a good way to boost the immune system!Mushrooms are high in protein so are a good meat substitute. They are a  delicious and nutritious food that can be useful in this trying time where we are all keeping distance […]

Soba with Roasted Medicinal Mushrooms

Soba with Roasted Medicinal Mushrooms Boost your Immune System  My Soba with Roasted Medicinal Mushrooms is an immune system booster! There is nothing better than medicinal mushrooms to boost the immune system and considering what we are going through these days, I thought it a good idea to post an immune system boosting recipe that […]

Healing Chicken Vegetable Soup

There’s no mystery to it!! Chicken is full of the amino acid arginine and arginine kicks start the pituitary gland to make us healthy and maintain optimal immune function! It’s not a wife’s tale, it’s science and nature working together!! My organic chicken and vegetable soup is the winter cure to keep us healthy!! In a deep pot […]