Healing Chicken Vegetable Soup

organic chicken vegetable soup

organic chicken vegetable soup There’s no mystery to it!! Chicken is full of the amino acid arginine and arginine kicks start the pituitary gland to make us healthy and maintain optimal immune function! It’s not a wife’s tale, it’s science and nature working together!! My organic chicken and vegetable soup is the winter cure to keep us healthy!!

In a deep pot or skillet, heat 1/4 cup olive oil on medium

Add 4-5 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced

Add 2-3 onions, peeled and quartered

Add 1 pkg organic chicken thighs with skin

Brown the chicken and soften the onion and garlic

Add salt, pepper and Aleppo pepper flakes

Add 32 ounces pkg of low sodium chicken broth

Add 8-10 organic carrots, sliced vertically

Add 6-8 celery stalks, cut to 2 inches

Add 2 cups roughly chopped greens(kale, chard or spinach)

Add 1 pint organic grape tomatoes

Simmer till chicken is fall apart cooked and vegetables are tender

Enjoy and feel better!!!!

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