Wild Rice and Tuna Salad

Wild Rice and Tuna Salad

Wild Rice and Tuna SaladWild Rice and Tuna Salad

My Wild Rice and Tuna Salad is a quick and nutritious dish using leftover wild rice and leftover cooked beans combined with chopped organic celery, carrots, peppers and cilantro, tossed with chunks of olive oil packed tuna and dressed up with a splash of sherry vinegar! My Wild Rice and Tuna Salad is a salad made with reinvented healthy leftovers So as not to waste good healthy food and is a simply scrumptious salad for this Spring season! Enjoy my Wild Rice and Tuna Salad with a crisp white wine! Just yummy!

1&1/2 cups leftover cooked wild rice

1 cup leftover cooked white runner beans, corona, lima or the like

3 stalks organic celery, chopped

3 small organic carrots, chopped

2 small organic baby bell peppers, sliced

1/2 bunch organic cilantro, roughly chopped 

1/4 cup of Greek country olives

1 jar olive oil packed tuna, Tonnino is good 

Note: do not drain the tuna, it goes into the salad

Salt and pepper to taste

Dash of sherry vinegar 

Organic romaine leaves for garnish and serving

In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the above ingredients, including the oil from the tuna jar

Season with salt and pepper, dredge with the vinegar

Transfer to a serving platter, garnish with romaine leaves

Serve my Wild Rice and Tuna Salad in deep bowls. Enjoy with a crisp dry white wine!

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