Udon with Kimchi and Peapods

Udon with Kimchi and Peapods

                                    Udon with Kimchi and Peapods

Too Simple To Even Write A Recipe For!

Udon with Kimchi and PeapodsOh My God how simple is this dish to prepare! With just 5 ingredients, my Udon with Kimchi and Peapods takes minutes to prepare, is super healthy and nutritious and has flavor that’s over the moon! The spicy kimchi does all the work in this dish so there is no need for extra seasoning whatsoever! My Udon with Kimchi and Peapods is a keeper recipe for Asian food lovers; you will be making this dish throughout the year, enjoy with Riesling wine, a less than dry Chardonnay or a craft beer! You will love this Asian dish!


1+ bundle of udon noodles, prepared al dente

1/4 cup organic sesame oil(Eden is good)

2 cups trimmed organic pea pods

2-3 organic baby bell peppers, sliced

1 cup spicy kimchi with liquid

Jammy hard boiled egg for garnish(optional)

Heat the oil to high in a medium large fry pan

Add the pea pods and baby bells

Stir fry until tender crisp

Stir in the kimchi and juice

Reduce to simmer 

Add in the prepared udon noodles and stir gently

Remove from heat

Serve in a deep bowl with optional hardboiled egg garnish

You can add a cucumber avocado salad as a side. Enjoy!!! 

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