Tuna, Shrimp and Vegetable StirFry

Tuna, Shrimp and Vegetable StirFry

Tuna, Shrimp and Vegetable StirFry

Tuna, Shrimp and Vegetable StirFryMy Tuna, Shrimp and Vegetable StirFry is a sumptuous combination of ahi tuna,
succulent shrimp and savory organic vegetables,seasoned with ginger and Thai curry
paste and organic shoyu sauce! Refreshed dried shiitake and stirfry mushrooms give
this dish an earthy taste; while tons of nutritious organic vegetables complement this
protein rich seafood entrée! Serve on a bed of Jasmine rice or soba noodles! My Tuna,
Shrimp and Vegetable StirFry is a perfect entrée for the season! Enjoy with a dry
Reisling wine or craft beer!


1 ahi tuna steak,cut in half and sliced thin
12-15 raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled, chopped and divided
1 tablespoon ginger citrus seasoning, Victoria’s Gourmet, divided
1 tablespoon red Thai curry paste, divided
Splash of dry sherry
Dash of arrowroot powder
Splash of organic shoyu sauce
3 ounces of dried shiitake and stirfry mushrooms, refreshed in hot water
1 organic leek, sliced thin
1 cup organic broccoli florets
1/2 cup organic green beans
2 organic carrots, sliced diagonally
1/2 cup organic celery, chopped
1/4 cup organic fennel, sliced
1/2 cup organic whole pea pods
2-3 organic red and yellow baby bell pepper, sliced
1/4 cup grape seed oil with a splash of toasted sesame oil
In a medium bowl mix tuna slices with half of the ginger and half of the spices and half
of the red Thai curry paste, set aside to marinate
In another small bowl combine shrimp with remaking ginger, curry paste, sherry,
arrowroot, ginger citrus seasoning and shoyu, set aside to marinate
In another small bowl, refresh the dried mushrooms with boiling water, drain and
reserve liquid, set aside mushrooms
Add reserved liquid to the marinated shrimp bowl
In a large bowl, combine all vegetables, except leeks, set aside
Heat oils in a large stirfry pan or chef’s pan at high
Add leeks and marinated shrimp, stirfry
Add mushrooms, stirfry
Add all vegetables, quickly stirfry until vegetables are crisp tender
Add tuna and quickly stirfry, remove from heat, not more than one minute
Add shoyu to taste
Serve with rice or soba noodles
Enjoy with a dry Reisling wine!!

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