Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash

Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash

Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash
Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash

A traditional cassoulet is a baked stew made with white beans, pork and duck.  My Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash adds some healthy organic summer squash, peppers and fennel but maintains it’s integrity with French white runner beans, heritage pork rib chops and organically made sausage links! Organic lemon zest topping and juice lightens and brightens this delicious baked stew! While it takes a bit of time to make my Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash, it truly is worth the wait! Enjoy this yummy baked stew with a crisp green salad and dry white wine! This recipe will make two cassoulets, you will want to give one away!

1 pound cassoulet beans, I like Moquette de Vendé from Rancho Gordo

Bean broth

2 heritage pork rib chops

1 pound organic Italian or French sausage, about 4 links

3 organic summer squash like zucchini or crookneck, sliced

1 organic sweet banana pepper, chopped

1 small organic fennel bulb, chopped

1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 

2 tablespoons fresh chopped thyme 

Ground black pepper

Zest and juice of 2 organic lemons

1 medium organic red tomato, sliced

Cook the beans the day before in water seasoned with bay leaf, oregano, black pepper, splash of olive oil, chopped organic celery, carrot, garlic, onion and fennel. The beans should be tender but firm when done, then add organic chopped tomatoes and season with Himalayan salt. Let the beans, in their broth, cool; then refrigerate them overnight. On the next day, drain the beans and reserve the broth. 

Cut the chops in about 12 pieces, keep the sausage whole and place in a cast iron skillet. Roast at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, turning as the meat browns on all sides. Remove from oven, let cool then cut the sausage in 8 pieces. Reserve strained rendered fat from pan. 

Lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit 

In two 3&1/2 quart dutch ovens or 2 deep ovenproof casserole dishes, layer the following:

Sliced squash on the bottom

Next chopped fennel and pepper 

Then 1/2 of the drained beans

Next pork chop pieces

Sprinkle all of the the thyme and nutmeg

Then the rest of the drained beans

Next tuck in sausage pieces

Add reserved strained rendered fat and reserved bean broth

Top with lemon zest and a sprinkling of black pepper

Bake the assembled cassoulets uncovered for 3 hours at 325 degrees Fahrenheit 

Poke the formed crust on top of each cassoulet midway through the time

Submerging the beans in the broth

Remove from oven at 3 hours, let rest and cool covered for an hour or two or refrigerate until next day

Bake cassoulets uncovered for another 2&1/2 hours at 325 degrees Fahrenheit, poking the formed crusts midway and adding the lemon juice to keep the beans moist

Remove from oven, garnish with the tomato slices

let rest for an hour or if you prefer serve bubbling hot

Enjoy my Traditional Cassoulet with Summer Squash with a crisp green or cucumber salad and a dry white wine! Gift one to a friend to share the

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