Venison Tenderloin Vegetable StirFry

My Venison Tenderloin Vegetable StirFry is a super healthy stir fry made with lean venison tenderloin, marinated in Harissa, ginger and lime, then married with organic winter vegetables and shiitake mushroom! My Venison Tenderloin Vegetable StirFry has fabulous taste and is a super healthy entrée to add to your must keep favorites. If venison is not available, substitute […]

Cumin scented Venison Tenderloin with Rosemary

Cumin scented Venison Tenderloin with Rosemary We were recently fortunate to receive a beautiful tenderloin of venison from a friend of ours; venison meat is very popular and plentiful here in the North Country! I had never cooked this cut of venison before but preparing it simply as I do a beef tenderloin seemed the best plan of […]