Tandoori Buttermilk Chicken Breasts

Tandoori Buttermilk Chicken Breasts Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are very difficult to prepare moist and tender simply because they have no fatty skin and bone to protect them from the heat! My Tandoori Buttermilk Chicken Breasts recipe is one delicious, moist and tender exception! Marinated in a flavorful combination of buttermilk and exotic spices, the […]

Lentil Risotto Loaf

Lentil Risotto Loaf My Lentil Risotto Loaf is a protein and fiber rich vegetarian entrée that is satisfying, nutritious, delicious and best of all very simple to prepare! Healthy lentils are cooked together with creamy Aborio rice, organic steal cut oats, organic mushrooms, butternut squash, organic aromatic vegetables and organic mushroom broth! My Lentil Risotto […]