Stovetop Roasted Tandoori Vegetables

Stovetop Roasted Tandoori Vegetables  Just craving the taste of Indian spiced vegetables, I couldn’t decide upon roasted eggplant and tomatoes, potatoes laden with cumin seed or Delhi Style green beans; so I combined them all together to make my Stovetop Roasted Tandoori Vegetables! My Stovetop Roasted Tandoori Vegetables  dish is a delicious vegetarian entrée that is […]

Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar

Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar  I love Nicoise Salad and I love to mix things up!  So my Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar is just the ticket for an ushering in of Spring! My Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar is a Mediterranean dish that serves those who observe Lent and the upcoming Passover! You just […]


SPICY LOADED VEGETABLE BORSHT So I just couldn’t find a Borscht recipe that encompassed all the flavors and vegetables that I wanted in this “ must eat” comfort soup for these recent frigid temperatures! My Spicy Loaded Vegetable Borscht is the answer to keeping warm this winter! I’ve used a few unconventional seasonings in my […]

Squash and Potato Boureki

Squash and Potato Boureki My squash and potato boureki makes a perfect vegetarian entrée with a crisp fresh green salad. My squash and potato boureki is a deliciously different gluten free potato side that accompanies any meat entrée. The flavor combinations of feta and yogurt, mint and oregano, potatoes and butternut squash make my squash […]

Venison Tenderloin Vegetable StirFry

My Venison Tenderloin Vegetable StirFry is a super healthy stir fry made with lean venison tenderloin, marinated in Harissa, ginger and lime, then married with organic winter vegetables and shiitake mushroom! My Venison Tenderloin Vegetable StirFry has fabulous taste and is a super healthy entrée to add to your must keep favorites. If venison is not available, substitute […]

Niçoise Salad Variations

Niçoise Salad Variations A Niçoise salad is a perfect dinner solution for a hot summer’s day! Completely nutritious, super healthy and delicious; light yet very satisfying. Traditionally this fabulous salad adorns a bed of mixed greens with tuna, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, olives, crumbled cheese and green beans; I like to change it up with […]