Lamb and Artichoke Tagine

                              Lamb and Artichoke Tagine. A tagine is basically a Middle Eastern version of stew. I love to use my tagine pan because it’s simple to use and cooks cuts of meat rapidly, yet keeping it tender and moist! My Lamb […]

Mediterranean Black Eyed Peas

                                     Mediterranean Black Eyed Peas. My Mediterranean Black Eyed Peas recipe is actually inspired by a similar recipe posted in the Mediterranean Dish. Here, I have made quite a few additions and changes to the recipe! My Mediterranean […]

Poussin Au Tagine

Free Range Spring Chicken or Poussin. My Poussin Au Tagine is a great way to cook free range spring chicken, also known in Europe as poussin! The delicate, tender and lean meat cooks like chicken, just a lot quicker! These are a bit smaller than Cornish game hens found in your local grocery store. Luckily, […]

Harissa Lamb Loaf

Harissa Lamb My Harissa Lamb Loaf is just as much a vegetable loaf as it is a meat loaf! This meat and vegetable loaf is loaded with chopped organic vegetables, tomatoes, aromatic spices, feta cheese and of course organic ground lamb held together with farm fresh eggs and light panko breadcrumbs. My Harissa Lamb Loaf […]

Carrot Kohlrabi Soup with Organic Greens

Early Fall soup recipes are in full swing thanks to the abundance of late summer crops we are receiving from our local CSA farm! My Carrot Kohlrabi Soup with Organic Greens is just laden with late summer tomatoes, sweet succulent carrots and the humble brassicas of kale and kohlrabi. Spiked with flavorful middle eastern herbs […]