The Salted Turkey

The Salted Turkey Everyone has their most perfect recipe for the holiday turkey and I have prepared this bird in a number of ways until I discovered the dry salt rub which in my opinion creates the most succulent meat encased in the brownest skin! Make sure you buy a farm raised turkey that has […]

Moroccan Spiced Turkey

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Free range heritage turkeys are a fabulous source of healthy lean protein, so when the turkeys are abundantly available in the Fall, I always by several to freeze and enjoy throughout the year! Make your Thanksgiving uniquely special with one of these birds, exotically seasoned with the North African spices of Morocco! Serve my Moroccan Spiced […]

Tamarind Glazed Christmas Ham with Pineapple

       Tamarind Glazed Christmas Ham with Pineapple A festive Holiday entrée; spicy, sweet and savory. The only recipe you will need for my Tamarind Glazed Christmas Ham with Pineapple is for the tamarind glaze, here it is: In a medium mason jar with lid combine 1/2 cup tamarind paste 1 tablespoon ginger paste  […]

Healthy Holiday Cooking Starts Here!

Healthy holiday cooking is a snap when you keep it simple, wholesome and natural! Protein, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates flavor enhanced with good fats and aromatic herbs and spices is all that is required to make a delicious feast for the holidays and everyday, without the worry of over indulgence,weight gain, blood pressure and blood sugar spikes and digestive […]