Paella with Portuguese Style Mussels

                    Paella with Portuguese Style Mussels. So I made this brothy rice dish by combining two classic recipes, one from Spain and one from Portugal! Cataplana is a savory Portuguese fish stew made with mussels, fish, potatoes, sausage, saffron and smoked paprika. Paella is a Spanish […]

Christmas Baccala and Cauliflower Fritters

        Christmas Baccala and Cauliflower Fritters When I was a little one, each year at Christmas, my grandmother would make these wonderful fried cod or cauliflower delicacies wrapped in seasoned dough! Bowls of baccala (cod fish) and cauliflower fritters would be set out on the Christmas Eve table and we would eat […]

Seafood Brodino

My Seafood Brodino is a perfect “post holiday fare” welcome, ushering in the New Year with promises of even more light and nutritious entrées to come! Don’t dismay! My Seafood Brodino is not at all short on winter comfort; the light broth is filled with nutritious gems from the sea and organic vegetables. Flavored with garlic, fennel and exotic […]

Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew

Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew So easy to make and just loaded with healthy protein from the sea and nutritious organic vegetables! My rendition of the classic Fisherman’s stew is sure to make anyone tasting it a lover of seafood! Add just a little bit of chorizo or linguisa sausage ( I get a very clean version […]