Seafood Paella with Spring Vegetables

I have made so many versions of Paella and everyone of them is full of flavor, uniquely spiced and laden with super nutritious vegetables and proteins! My Seafood Paella with Spring Vegetables is a wonderful springtime variation filled with peas, green beans, artichokes, calamari, shrimp and just a touch of sausage, all nestled in a pan of saffron seasoned […]

Seafood Brodino

My Seafood Brodino is a perfect “post holiday fare” welcome, ushering in the New Year with promises of even more light and nutritious entrées to come! Don’t dismay! My Seafood Brodino is not at all short on winter comfort; the light broth is filled with nutritious gems from the sea and organic vegetables. Flavored with garlic, fennel and exotic […]