Spicy Chicken Posole

Spicy Chicken Posole

Spicy Chicken Posole2My Spicy Chicken Posole is a fabulous warming soup full of fiber rich Mexican style hominy and

lean protein rich chicken topped with crunchy fresh organic vegetables! My husband calls it a

“salad in the soup”! Just delicious!

5 cups water and broth

1 package chicken breast with bones

1 large onion, peeled and sliced

1 dried guajillo pepper, seeded and chopped

1 dried Anaheim pepper, seeded and chopped

1 dried chili d’arbol pepper, seeded and chopped

4 ripe organic tomatoes, chopped or 1 large can of chopped tomatoes

2 large cans of Mexican style hominy, drained

4 tablespoons dried Mexican oregano

Salt and pepper to taste


Mexican crumbling cheese

Shredded cabbage

Sliced cucumbers

Sliced radishes

Chopped leeks

Sliced avocado

Chopped cilantro

Lime wedges

Tortilla chips

In a large stick pot, bring water and broth to boil

Add chicken and cook until tender

Remove chicken from pot, cool and discard bones, set aside

To stockpot add onions, peppers, tomatoes, hominy, oregano, salt and pepper

Add chicken back into the pot

Simmer for 1 hour

Remove from heat, let rest

Ladle into deep soup bowls and garnish with cheese,cucumbers,radishes,leeks,

avocado and cilantro

Squeeze lime wedges into bowls of soup and serve with tortilla chips

So good, so simple, so yummy!!!

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