Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew

Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew

Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew

                      Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew.

My Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew, rich with grass fed free range beef, organic vegetables and seasoned red wine broth will take the chill out of these cold wintry days that we are all enduring. I use grass fed chuck roast from our local CSA farm as well as copious amounts of organic potatoes, turnips, carrots, cabbage and onions. The meat is well seasoned with herbs and spices such as cumin, pimenton, thyme, oregano and garlic that infuse their flavor into the red wine and water broth. My Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew is a classic beef stew but with a depth of flavor and nutritional value that towers over the bland versions of everyday beef stews! My Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew is delicious, nutritious and will warm you up from the inside out! Enjoy it this winter. 

3 lb grass fed chuck roast

Himalayan salt, pepper, be generous 

1 teaspoon each of ground organic cumin, organic garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon smoked pimenton or paprika (Rancho Gordo)

1/2 teaspoon each of dried organic thyme leaves, organic oregano leaves 

2 tablespoons organic flour

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons organic tomato paste

1 tablespoon hot pepper garlic sauce (DeLallo)

1 can organic cherry tomatoes with juice

1 organic beets, cut in half then sliced thin(used as a seasoning)

4 small organic cippolini onions, peeled and cut in quarters

1/2 bottle of good red wine

Boiling water

6 organic carrots, cut in half

2 lbs small organic potatoes, scrubbed 

4 small organic turnips, scrubbed 

2-3 small organic onions, peeled and left whole

1 medium organic cabbage, cut in quarters 

1 bunch organic cilantro, roughly chopped for garnish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit 

Season the meat generously with the salt, pepper and all the dried spices, sprinkle with the flour, set aside

On the stove top, heat the oil to medium high in a large Dutch oven or braising pan then add the meat and brown it on all sides, remove meat to a plate and set aside

Add quartered onions and beets to the braising pan, cook until softened

Stir in pepper sauce, tomato paste and tomatoes, continue cooking for a few minutes then add the wine and cook down

Transfer meat and it’s juices back to the pan and add enough boiling water to just cover the meat, cover the pan and pop into oven

Cook for 1&1/2 hours, turning meat with fork or tongs midway 

Now add the vegetables and more water if necessary, cover pan

Cook for another hour, rotating meat and vegetables in the pan

Lower oven temperature to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for additional 30 minutes until vegetables are cooked through but firm and meat is falling off the bone

Remove from oven and let the stew rest for another 20-30 minutes 

Ladle the stew into deep bowls and enjoy on a cold winter’s night!

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