Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar

Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar 

I love Nicoise Salad and I love to mix things up!  So my Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar is just the ticket for an ushering in of Spring! My Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar is a Mediterranean dish that serves those who observe Lent and the upcoming Passover! You just can’t get better than this! Serve my Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar  during this season of Love, Meditation, and Cleansing of our old stale beliefs. My Nicoise Salad with Israeli Zaatar invites us to realign our thinking, spiritually, emotionally and physically! Enjoy and be renewed! Namaste!

1 organic Romaine lettuce heart, chopped

3 organic golden potatoes, quartered and boiled

3 ounces organic green beans, steamed

1 jar of olive oil packed tuna fillet, Tonnino brand is good

3 organic b@by bell peppers, sliced 

1 can of garbanzo and fava bean mix, drained, MidEast brand is good

1 organic Avocado, peeled and sliced

Generous amount of Israeli Zaatar seasoning

Mustard Anchovy vinaigrette dressing

Arrange romaine on a platter

Add all vegetables over romaine, Nicoise style( separating each vegetable)

Sprinkle with Zaatar seasoning

Dredge with dressing

Enjoy with a dry Chardonnay 


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