Mediterranean Lamb Spare Ribs

lamb spare ribs marinated in preserved lemons

Mediterranean Lamb Spare Ribs

braised in preserved lemons, garlic and oregano

lamb spare ribs marinated in preserved lemonsThe key to this delectable dish is marinating the lamb overnight! The preserved lemons and juice with olive oil and loads of garlic and oregano infuse the lamb with incomparable flavor! Don’t throw this lovely marinade away; use it as the
braising liquid base thinned with a bit of broth. This dish can also be made with shoulder lamb chops or steaks, simply fabulous! Serve the lamb with a simply prepared orzo and an equally fabulous spring stir fry of escarole, artichokes,
green beans, tomatoes and peppers. This dish is really delicious and extremely nutritious!!

2-3 lbs lamb spare ribs, shoulder chops or steak
1 cup preserved lemons and juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
6-8 clove of garlic, peeled and sliced
2 Tablespoons of dried oregano
1 teaspoon grey salt
1/2 teaspoon Aleppo pepper flake
fresh ground black pepper
1 cup of broth
Season the lamb with the above ingredients except the broth
Marinate the seasoned lamb for 24 hours in a covered dish
Remove meat from the marinade and reserve the marinade
Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit
Brown meat in a braiser with a bit of olive oil
Then add reserved marinade with 1 cup or more of broth
Braise in oven until lamb is form tender, about 1&1/2 to 2 hours
Serve with a whole wheat orzo and a spring vegetable stir fry or fresh Greek
salad! A nice dry wine red or white would be great!!lamb spare ribs marinated in preserved lemons


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