Healthy Holiday Cooking Starts Here!

Holiday salted turkey

roasted beet and tomato saladHealthy holiday cooking is a snap when you keep it simple, wholesome and natural! Protein, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates flavor enhanced with good fats and aromatic herbs and spices is all that is required to make a delicious feast for the holidays and everyday, without the worry of over indulgence,weight gain, blood pressure and blood sugar spikes and digestive disorders! All of the above physical disorders and more are the result of cooking and ingesting packaged foods, refined sugar, bad fats, artificial flavors and colors, manufactured sweeteners and genetically modified foods to name a few…..the list goes on! Seriously bad cooking and eating habits create obesity, disease, depression and a gamut of physical disorders. Simply put, bad food makes you sick!

So why do so many people indulge in such destructive behavior? This is a question I have asked my entire career, the reason my husband and I opened natural food stores, the reason I wrote my first healthy gourmet cookbook and the purpose of this healthy food blog: to educate!

Cooking with simple wholesome natural ingredients is so easy and the results are so delicious that there really is no reason on earth to cook any other way!

It takes no more time to season and cook a free range turkey with good fats and spices than it does to purchase and roast one that has been injected with chemicals and artificial flavors and colors. See my holiday turkey recipe on page 70 of my cookbook

Holiday salted turkey

It takes no more time to boil potatoes and mash them than it does to prepare a package of chemically flavored dehydrated flakes! Steaming and seasoning fresh vegetables is just as quick and easy as opening up a canned variety! Check out page 29 of my cookbook for my simple balsamic beet recipe, a winning side for your holiday feast!

balsamic beets

or cilantro corn salad on page 28, perfect with turkey!


corn and cilantro salad

Making a fresh salad with your own homemade dressings is as simple as one, two, three…. See page 33 for Cucumber Tomato Salad with Roasted Squash to take your holiday feast to a new level of health and flavor!

cucumber tomato salad with roasted squash

My Simply Natural Gourmet cookbook gets you started in the right direction! You will find gourmet and healthy holiday entrées in it as well as a myriad of delicious wholesome recipes sure to make you a natural foods cook and foodie in no time at all!

Buy the cookbook today; take your first step toward a wholesome, healthy and delicious way of life!  Buy the cookbook today and start living a healthy, happy life. Get the recipes that will help you to change the way you eat! Change the way you eat and you will change your life! It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s good for you!

Endive Beet Salad with Pomagranate

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