Asian Spring Rolls

tray of spring rolls

Asian Spring Rolls

Asian spring rolls Healthy spring rolls are super easy to make. Filled with a medley of barely cooked and raw vegetables, they make a wonderful addition to an Asian themed meal or they stand on their own as a satisfying light entrée. You do not have to make them strictly vegetarian; whenever I have a left over stir fry with vegetables, meat, chicken or seafood, I use it in my spring rolls with extra raw vegetables for a bit of crunch! Since spring rolls are made with whatever you have on hand, it is difficult to set a firm recipe, but I will give you the basics!
1 package of tapioca or rice sheets
1&1/2 cups of cut up vegetable medley, such as broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green beans, asparagus, sliced ginger or left over stir fry if available
3-4 Tablespoons soy based Asian sauce such as ginger sesame or other
1 package of fresh bean sprouts
1 package of shredded carrots
1 cup baby spinach
1 cup shredded cabbage
Various Asian sauces for dipping

When using the vegetable medley, just heat it up with the soy based Asian sauce in a frying pan
Do not overlook it, set aside
When using a left over stir fry, make sure the pieces of meat and vegetables are cut into small enough pieces to roll easily

Fill a shallow dish with edges with water
Dip tapioca sheets, one at a time, in the water until refreshed
Gently remove sheet from water and place on a stone or cutting board
Fill sheet with 1 Tablespoon vegetable medley or stir fry
Top with a pinch of bean sprouts, carrots, spinach and or cabbage
Fold over sides and roll sheet up
Place on a serving dish and repeat until you have a plateful of delicious spring rolls
Serve cold or at room temperature with a variety of Asian dipping sauces
That’s it!!spring rolls with asian dips

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