Artichoke Feta Salad

artichoke feta salad

artichoke feta saladI found this dish in a greek restaurant in Detroit in the early 70’s-Have been hooked ever since! It is a fabulous spring salad and is a perfect accompaniment to most any meat entrée, especially chicken or lamb! You will enjoy making this healthy salad time and again!


4 cups of artichoke hearts(quartered)

8 firm but ripe roma tomatoes(quartered)

2 cans garbanzo beans(rinsed and drained)

1 cup greek olives(colossal or kalamata)

16 oz brick feta cheese(cubed)

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

4 tsp dried oregano leaves

2 tsp granulated garlic

1 tsp black pepper(medium grind)

Combine all ingredients, except oil, in a shallow heat proof pan toss gently heat oil in a saucepan just before smoking point(be careful not to burn it) carefully pour the hot oil over the ingredients(it will sizzle).

The flavors of the spices and  herbs will lock into the vegetables and cheese after sizzling subsides.
Serve with a basket of hot crusty bread and a bottle of dry red or white wine

This dish is a real party pleaser!  The recipe will serve 10-12.  You may cut ingredients in half to make a smaller portion.


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